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Shuyu prefers to introduce herself as a "designer"  who isn't confined to any role like motion graphics designer, UI/UX designer, or 2D animator. She relies on her rational thinking and spontaneous creativity to dig up solutions for any existing problem from clients or society at large.



JRAT Pop-up at Bungee

AI-generated images and hand written text by Janelle Abbott

Bungee @ Jersey Art Book Fair

Bungee Card ver.2024

A talk: Devils on Horseback the Cookbook

LTTT x Bungee

WSW Upstate Book Fair

Bungee Mid-night Food Stop ver.2023

Songs and improvisations 01

Songs and improvisations 02

Bungee Mid-night Food Stop ver.2022

Bungee Space Sample Sale 2021 Poster

Bungee Space Opening Invitation

Bungee Space Opening Poster

mobile 3ss x Special Special Mini Documentary

mobile 3ss x Sang's Poster 02

mobile 3ss x Sang's Poster 01

Moving Ad

Moving Announcement

Wear a Mask and Stop the Spread

Sang's Car Boot Sale Poster

3ss x Ponding Pop Up Poster

3ss x Ponding Pop Up Animation

Logo Animation

One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Poster

3ss x Taipei Art Book Fair Poster

3ss x Taipei Art Book Fair Animation

Took some pics for a show I like a lot

Home, Cloud, Mirror: Airdropped!, a solo exhibition by random clichés at Bungee Space

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