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Shuyu prefers to introduce herself as a "designer"  who isn't confined to any role like motion graphics designer, UI/UX designer, or 2D animator. She relies on her rational thinking and spontaneous creativity to dig up solutions for any existing problem from clients or society at large.



Procrastination is a task we've all faced. It might cause depression, anxiety, and of course, missing deadlines. This project introduces the Pomodoro technique, which could keep you motivated and avoid doing things at the last minute.


Have you ever wake up on a deadline day, staring at an empty document you created two weeks ago, and ask yourself, "Why didn't I start earlier?" If you say YES, I know you do, then congratulation, you are a victim of procrastination.


Procrastination can cause depression, anxiety, and of course, missing deadlines, but it's not invincible. Try the Pomodoro technique! Focus for 25 minutes, take 5 mins break, focus for another 25 minutes, then take a serious 5 min break. Human brain can't focus on one single task for long time. Break your work down into small sessions will help you improve your focus and productivity.



Style Frames


01:05 min


After Effects, C4D, Cel Animation

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