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Shuyu prefers to introduce herself as a "designer"  who isn't confined to any role like motion graphics designer, UI/UX designer, or 2D animator. She relies on her rational thinking and spontaneous creativity to dig up solutions for any existing problem from clients or society at large.



I'd like you all to close your eyes, please ... and imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a large, open field with the sun setting on your right. And as the sun sets, imagine that tonight you don't just see the stars appear, but you're able to hear the stars appear with the brightest stars being the loudest notes and the hotter, bluer stars producing the higher-pitched notes.

And since each constellation is made up of different types of stars, they'll each produce their own unique melody.

We live in a musical universe, and we can use that to experience it from a new perspective.



Matt Russ, What does the universe sound like? (TEDx Talks, 2018)

01:02 min


Cel Animation, After Effects

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