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Shuyu prefers to introduce herself as a "designer"  who isn't confined to any role like motion graphics designer, UI/UX designer, or 2D animator. She relies on her rational thinking and spontaneous creativity to dig up solutions for any existing problem from clients or society at large.



There used to be a whale whose dream was to live on land. One day it met a dying deer by a sea cliff. He proposed to inherit four legs of the deer to walk. The deer agreed, hoping that the whale would live happily on the land with its legs. Then the whale traveled toward the center of the mainland and encountered other dying animals along the way, such as frogs, sheep, rabbits, elephants, and so on. The whale trades their legs in the same way to keep its ability to walk. One day, the whale met a zebra. It liked the zebra's pattern so much and wanted to get the zebra's legs as before. But this zebra is healthy and cannot survive without its legs. So the zebra proposed an exchange--the whale can never spray heart shapes from its blowhole anymore if it wants the zebra's legs. The whale was terrified and escaped to the sea. It ran back to the previous sea cliff and jumped into the sea. But the whale at this time has been used to living on land that has forgotten how to swim.




Style Frames

01:30 min


After Effects, Cel Animation

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